Best SAP BI Training in Mumbai

Best SAP BI Training in Mumbai

Best Training Mumbai offers placement focused best SAP BI training in mumbai . We have a specialized SAP BI training course that includes both basic and advance level program training. As soon as you complete the SAP BI training course, you will get direct placement in various MNC firms in mumbai . All our expert professionals have years of experience in training candidates who are willing to gain project knowledge in SAP BI. Depending upon the career objectives of the candidates, we have designed our SAP BI training course content and syllabus.

Our SAP BI training course in Mumbai includes SAP BI Modelling, Info Providers, extraction (Master data & Transaction Data), Reporting, SAP BI real time projects and also Placement training in mumbai .

Our SAP BI training centers are well equipped with excellent infrastructure and lab facilities that further make things easier for each one of our students in mumbai . Our course fee is definitely value for money and we offer day time training, weekend training and also evening and fast track classes.

SAP BI training course content in mumbai


    • Introduction to Data Warehousing
    • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
    • Info Area
    • Info Object Catalogs
    • Info Objects(Characteristics & Key Figures)
    • Application Component
    • Data Source
    • Transfer Rules
    • Info Source
    • Update Rules
    • Info Package (All options)
    • Real Time Info Package
    • Transformations
    • Data Transfer Process(DTP)
    • Error DTP
    • Direct Access DTP
    • Real Time DTP
    • Activation of Business Content Objects
    • Metadata Repository
    • Transportations
    • Open Hub Destination
    • Info Spoke
    • Aggregates
    • Compression
    • Reconstruction
    • Process Chains
    • Analysis Process Designer
    • Currency Translations
    • Daemon

Info Providers Types

    • 7.0 Info Providers
    • Standard DSO
    • Write-optimized DSO
    • Direct Update DSO
    • Standard Info Cube, with data perseistence in the BW system
    • Real-time Info Cube
    • Virtual Providers (Virtual Cubes)
    • InfoSet
    • MultiProvider
    • Aggregation Level
    • 7.3 – New Info Providers
    • Standard, SAP HANA-optimized DSO*
    • Semantically partitioned DSO
    • Standard, with data perseistence in the BWA*
    • Standard, SAP HANA-optimized Info Cube*
    • Semantically partitioned Info Cube
    • Based on an SAP HANA Model*
    • Hybrid Provider Based on a DataStore object
    • Hybrid Provider Based on direct access
    • Composite Provider*
    • Other
    • Data Flow
    • Data Flow Template
    • New options in Info Package
    • New Options in Transformations
    • New Options in DTP
    • Insert Characteristic as Info Provider
    • Using Queries as InfoProviders*
    • Transient Providers*

Extraction (Master data & Transaction Data)

    • Flat file Extraction
    • LO Extraction
    • FI Extraction
    • Generic Extraction
    • COPA Extraction
    • Enhancement of Data sources
    • Real Time Data Acquisition


    • Bex Query Designer
    • Rows, Columns, Free characteristics
    • Filter
    • New Selection
    • New Formula
    • Restricted key figure
    • Calculated Key figure
    • Exceptions and conditions
    • Structures
    • Cells
    • All Types of Variables
    • Offset Variables
    • Variable Processing Types
    • Report to Report Interface(RRI)
    • Customer Exits
    • BEx Analyzer
    • Web Application Designer
    • Different Types of Web Items
    • Web Templates


    • Errors & Activities

Real Time

    • Business Examples
    • Real Time Scenarios
    • Interview Questions
    • Resume Points

SAP BI trainer Profile & Placement

Our SAP BI Trainers

  • More than 5 Years of experience in SAP BI Technologies
  • Has worked on 12 realtime SAP BI projects
  • Working in a MNC company in mumbai
  • Trained 74+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • SAP BI certified Professionals