Best SCM Training in Mumbai

Best SCM Training in Mumbai

Best Training Mumbai offers placement focused best SAP SCM training in mumbai . We have a specialized SAP SCM training course that includes both basic and advance level program training. As soon as you complete the SAP SCM training course, you will get direct placement in various MNC firms in mumbai . All our expert professionals have years of experience in training candidates who are willing to gain project knowledge in SAP SCM. Depending upon the career objectives of the candidates, we have designed our SAP SCM training course content and syllabus.

Our SAP SCM training course in Mumbai includes Demand management, Supply Network Planning Heuristic, SNP Run by means of using Capable, SNP Configuration, Master Data, Transaction Data in SNP, Demand Planning and real time projects and also Placement training in mumbai .

Our SAP SCM training centers are well equipped with excellent infrastructure and lab facilities that further make things easier for each one of our students in mumbai . Our course fee is definitely value for money and we offer day time training, weekend training and also evening and fast track classes.

SAP SCM training course content in Mumbai

Demand Management

    • PIR creation
    • PIR consumption

Material Requirement Planning

    • Planned order creation/Purchase requisition creation
    • Planned order conversion

Production Execution

    • Order creation
    • Order release
    • Goods Issue
    • Order confirmation
    • Goods receipt
    • Order closure

Integration in SAP SCM

    • Generating and Activating Integration Models
    • Monitoring and Error handling tools for integrating SAP R/3 and SAP SCM
    • Incremental Transfers for Master Data Changes
    • Organizing Integration Models

Integrated SCM Master Data

    • Locations in SAP SCM
    • Material Masters in SAP SCM
    • Resources in SAP SCM
    • Production Process Models (PPM)
    • Production Data Structure (PDS)
    • Purchasing Information Records
    • Transportation Lanes
    • Master Recipes and the PPM

Modeling in my SAP SCM

    • Models
    • Versions in SAP SCM
    • Modeling with the Supply Chain Engineer

Integrating Transactional Data

    • Setting up Transactional Data Transfer
    • Generating and Activating Integration Models

Demand Planning Configuration

    • Planning Object Structure
    • Characteristic Value Combinations
    • Planning Areas
    • Product Interchangeability
    • Proportional Factors
    • Version Management

Planning Books and Data Views

    • Creating Planning Books and Data views
    • Macros

Planning Books and Data Views

    • Navigation in the Interactive Planning Table
    • Additional Features of the Interactive Planning Table


    • Executing a Univariate Forecast
    • Composite Forecast
    • Consensus Based Forecasting (Optional)
    • Forecast Alert Profile (Optional)
    • lifecycle Planning
    • Promotion Planning
    • Info Cubes

Master Data and Transaction Data in SNP

    • Working with Master Data
    • APO Product Master
    • APO Resource Master
    • Introducing the Production Process Model
    • Introducing Quota Arrangements
    • Transactional Data used in Supply Network Planning

SNP Configuration

    • Planning Areas
    • Planning Books
    • Macros and Alerts
    • Navigation in the Planning Table
    • Introducing Quota Arrangements
    • Transactional Data used in Supply Network Planning

The Supply Network Planning Heuristic

    • SNP Heuristic Run
    • Capacity Check and Leveling
    • Planning Supplier Constraints using the SNP Heuristic
    • SNP Heuristic Scheduling
    • Hierarchical Planning

SNP Run Using Capable to Match

    • CTM Process
    • Alternative PPM.s in CTM


Safety Stock Planning

Deployment and the Transport Load Builder